Financial news of the last week

Last week at the biddings of the State commodity and raw exchange of Turkmenistan 71 transactions were registered.

For foreign currency entrepreneurs from Russia, Great Britain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Afghanistan, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan bought products of petrochemistry – the hydropurified diesel fuel, polypropylene made on TCOR, the vacuum gasoil, diesel fuel and fuel oil of the M-100 brand produced at Seydi Oil Refinery, "B" carbamide and " A" technical iodine ("Turkmenchemistry") and the liquefied gas (the State Concern "Turkmengas"). In addition, for foreign currency cotton yarn, cotton-fiber, lint cotton, motes and licorice were realized. The buyer countries: Russian Federation, UAE, Turkey, and etc. Total amount of transactions  exceeded 65 million 681 thousand US dollars.

For manat funds businessmen from Netherland, India, Pakistan, etc. purchased yarn cotton and raw fatty acids of cotton soap stock for the total amount more than 3 million 436 thousand manats.

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