Scientific and practical conference in IOGU

A scientific and practical conference was held at the International Oil and Gas University, dedicated to the upcoming Constitution Day and the State Flag of Turkmenistan.

The forum brought together the faculty of the university, students and youth. The scientific-practical conference was held in six thematic sections, where about 170 speakers spoke.

The sectional sessions highlighted the role of the national legal system in the socio-economic development of Turkmenistan. Conference participants noted that the work to strengthen the legal foundations of the Turkmen state, taking into account the historical democratic values ​​of our people, is being carried out consistently and purposefully.

As the meeting participants emphasized, being the main symbol of independence, the State flag of Turkmenistan is today widely known throughout the world. He proudly flies on the flagpole at the UN headquarters, embodying the basic principles of the policy of peace, friendship, good neighborliness and fruitful cooperation pursued by sovereign neutral Turkmenistan.


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