Geophysicists of the SC "Turkmennebit" increase the scale of geophysical research

The increase in the material and technical base, the modernization of all types of existing equipment and vehicles of the "Turkmennebitgeofizika" department of the SC "Turkmennebit" helps to increase the scope of geophysical surveys. In recent years, Turkmen geophysicists have reached a qualitatively new technological level, which helps to increase production indicators.

 So, for five months of 2020, the utilized amount of work performed amounted to 27 million 548.1 thousand manats, the planned plan was completed by 124.6%.  Compared to the same period last year, the amount increased by 6.8 million manats.

 Management specialists are provided with modern laboratories on wheels, which are distinguished by increased cross-country ability and maneuverability, which is of no small importance in the conditions of the Karakum.  The department also has laboratories and other expeditionary services related to the introduction of high-tech equipment, geophysical and computer technologies.

 An important contribution was made by the industrial and geophysical expeditions of Ekerem and Khazar, as well as the Balkanabat expedition to introduce high-tech equipment and computer technologies.

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