Students practice

  Students of professional schools of the khyakimlik of the Dashoguz regionare preparing to join the ranks of workers in the oil and gas sector of our country.  Along with theoretical training, graduates will receive practical training in such specialties as oil and gas production operator, oil and gas collector, electrician, accountant.

 The practice of students is an essential part of the educational program of vocational training.  This allows us to consolidate the theoretical material that has been studied, to acquire practical skills that are necessary in the management of production processes.

 This year, students were provided with internships by the Gubadag oil company of the "Turkmennebitonumleri" General Directorate, the "Gubadagetrapgaz" gas management department and other production organizations and enterprises of the oil and gas sector of the Dashoguz region.  The internship is 12 weeks.

 In practical classes, students get acquainted with all aspects of exploration, production, analysis, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas.  This knowledge and skills will enable them to successfully work in the enterprises of the oil and gas sector of our country in the future.

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