Grouting department of the SC "Turkmengas" ensures well productivity growth

Modern specialized equipment and advanced grouting technology of Turkmengaz Group of Companies can be found in various gas fields of our country.  Among such high-tech equipment are JEREH (PRC) integrated manufacturing facilities.

 The equipment acquired several years ago, which has been widely used and recognized throughout the world, provides a full range of services in the field of well cementing and repair work in all corners of our country.

 Over the five months of this year, the specialists of "Turkmengazburavlayysh" successfully completed the production plan for high-quality cementing and fastening of well pipes at the Galkynysh, Kerven, and Malay fields.

 The main activity of the manufacturing enterprise is associated with the fastening of pipes with cement mortar.  Well cementing is a complex task requiring close attention at all stages of installation in wells.  Thanks to the professionalism of specialists and the use of modern technology, grouting control works as a coordinated mechanism.

 Recently, at the Galkynysh site, in order to increase the productivity of formations, hydrochloric acid treatment of wells No. 267 and 301 was successfully carried out. Under the influence of hydrochloric acid, voids formed in the gas-bearing formations, due to the cleansing of the formations, the wells significantly increased their productivity.

 Thanks to the dedicated work and professionalism of the specialists, the management ensures the successful and high-quality fulfillment of the assigned production tasks.

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