At TCOR presented a new development of the Institute of Chemistry to improve the quality of road bitumen

At the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries, a presentation of a new method for improving the characteristics of road bitumen produced from oil with a high paraffin content was held.

The innovation, developed by specialists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, was included in the concept of development of TCOR for the coming years.

The relevance of the development of Turkmen scientists is due to the increasing requirements for the operational characteristics of asphalt concrete coatings of highways due to the increase in traffic flows.

Institute scientists have developed a technology for producing road bitumen by distillation of tar in an inert gas environment. In an experiment conducted in a laboratory setup, residual bitumen was obtained that meets high standards for basic characteristics, including viscosity, susceptibility to temperature changes, brittleness, and elasticity.

It is also important that by-products - paraffins and oils - can be used as a raw material for the distillation of other tar products, which increases the economic component of the new development.

Given the large-scale construction of new roads in our country, high-quality road bitumen will be widely demanded by the road enterprises of Turkmenistan.

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