"Turkmengas" State Concern

56 Archabil Street, Ashgabat city,

Turkmenistan, 744036

Phone: (933 12) 40 32 01

Fax: (933 12) 40 32 21

“Turkmengas” State Concern is the biggest production and economic complex of Turkmenistan. The principal activity of the Concern is the development, production of natural gas and gas condensate fields in the territory of Turkmenistan, its preparation and processing, and transportation of natural gas to consumers in the country and for export.

Structural units of the Concern are drilling companies, gas companies, gas transportation association, union to ensure natural gas population of Turkmenistan, a unit for the geophysical surveys, as well as support units for automation and remote control of technological communication, which manage more than 30 large gas condensate fields of Turkmenistan such as "Dovletabat", "Shatlyk", "Malay", "Kerpichli", "Garashsyzlygyn 10 yyllygy", "Gazlydepe", "Bagaja", "Garabil", "Gurrukbil" group pantries in the Central Karakum, including - large deposits of "Galkynysh".

Along with the increase in the volume of natural gas and pipeline network widening, "Turkmengas" State Concern started the development of gas-chemical industry of the country to a deep and complex processing of natural gas.