State Concern "Turkmengeology" announces a tender: 27.05.2020 - 06.07.2020

07:52 26.08.2020 3271

GC "Turkmengeology" on behalf of the Commission on competitive (tender) selection of suppliers of oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan

RE-ANNOUNCES THE INTERNATIONAL TENDER of 03.30.2020 for the purchase

material and technical resources for the needs of S.C. "Turkmengeologiya".

Lot No. 3 - electrical, geophysical, control and measuring equipment, communications and construction materials.

To participate in the tender you are invited to do the following

: submit a written application (from companies registered or having bank accounts in offshore zones applications are not accepted) about the desire to participate in the tender indicating the full name of the participant, legal status, country of registration,

bank details and information about the company; acquainted with

The Law of Turkmenistan “On Tenders for the Supply of Goods, Performance of Work, and Provision of Services for State Needs”,

with an extract from the "Tender Rules" and a list of documents required to participate in the tender;

get the specification of the lot,

technical requirements and basic conditions of the contract.

To receive an invoice for payment of funds in the amount of 500 (five hundred) US dollars or the equivalent in manats (excluding VAT and bank costs) per lot for participation in the tender. An invoice for the transfer of funds will be issued after submitting a written application.

Packages of tender documents will be accepted in one sealed envelope with a full tender offer (quotation), certified by a mastic seal and considered only after receipt of funds to the account of S.C. “Turkmengeologiya”.

An envelope with a tender offer (quotation) must be drawn up in accordance with the list specified in the package of tender documents.

In the tender envelope, it is mandatory to attach the electronic version of the questionnaire, the main terms of the contract (in the "Word" format) and the technical and economic specification (in the "Excel" format).

The necessary information, as well as the specification of the announced lots, can be downloaded from the website All of the above documents and tender proposals are submitted to the S.C. “Turkmengeologiya” at 56, Archabil Shayoly Ashgabat. submission of proposals from 27.05.2020 to 12:00 local time 06.07.2020. Email Address:

Contact by phone: For information: 40-34-52, 40-34-54, fax 40-34-53

For technical questions: 40-39-05

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