«Gumdagnebit»: 200 thousand tons of «black gold» were mined in the first half of the year

02:15 05.08.2021 4338


 Oil workers of the «Gumdagnebit» oil and gas production department of the State Concern «Turkmennebit» are carrying out large-scale work to develop the rich deposits of the Uzynada field.  Currently, the work carried out here is aimed at efficient use of the resource base of the field, as well as at identifying new sources of hydrocarbon raw materials.

 Recently, the department's oilmen successfully completed the development of the six deepest formations of the wells, from which abundant oil flow was obtained.

 Correspondingly, the main production indicators of management are growing.  So, for the first half of this year, the volume of extraction of «black gold» from operating wells amounted to 200 thousand tons, which is 12 thousand tons more than planned.  At the same time, the plan was successfully fulfilled by 106%.  Compared to the same period last year, production growth under management amounted to more than 114%.

 The management specialists have accumulated considerable experience in the development of oil and gas fields in our country.  The use of modern equipment and technologies in production allows oilmen to intensively and consistently increase the production of hydrocarbon raw materials.

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