Bagaja Producers of Natural Resources

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Over the years of independence, an entire industrial infrastructure, which is profiled in the extraction and conversion of natural gas, has emerged in the Bagaja field, located in the wilds of the vast Karakum expanses. For several years now, a line for the production of liquefied gas, which is in great demand in the domestic and foreign markets, has been running smoothly at the Bagaja liquefied gas production facility of the Suwuklandyrylan Gazy Öndürmek Boýunça Lebap Önümçilik Directorate of the Turkmengaz State Concern.

“The production complex, where the most sophisticated technical ‘filling’ has been installed, employs 200 specialists of various profiles. With our production achievements and selfless labour, our team strives to adequately respond to the active support and care of the head of state. Of course, the leader of the nation always appreciates hard and conscientious work, as evidenced by the fact that two employees of our enterprise were presented with state awards on the occasion of the glorious 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence. It goes without saying that attention and care are stimulating factors, which ultimately influence the increase in working capacity and performance indicators,” the head of the complex Farhat Saidov said.

Indeed, conscientious and selfless work with knowledge of business is always highly appreciated, both by the people and by the state. For example, during the celebration of this significant date, the operators of this complex, Myrat Yaziyev and Atabay Torayev, were solemnly awarded the jubilee medal of Turkmenistan “Türkmenistanyň Garaşsyzlygynyň 30 ýyllygyna”. Such a high honour inspired them to further fruitful work. Their work and professional qualities are exemplary for their colleagues. It is due to the collective efforts of such specialists that the monthly production plans for the complex are successfully fulfilled. In this context, the results for the nine months of the current year are indicative: during the period under review, the complex produced 9 thousand 713 tonnes of liquefied gas instead of the established 7 thousand 783 tonnes. As it can be seen, the plan has been more than fulfilled. Along with this, great success is being achieved in the production of gas condensate: over the past period, 23 thousand 850 tonnes of products were manufactured, that is, in excess of the plan, 5.5 thousand tonnes of this valuable raw material, necessary for the Seydi oil refinery, were produced.

According to the head of the complex, there are all conditions for the productive work and optimal rest of the personnel on the territory of the gas field. It should be noted that such attention to employees finds its reciprocal expression in the form of high production rates. It is noteworthy that in the complex, which combines advanced achievements in the field of science and technology, most of the work is automated and controlled by computers of the latest generation.

Not far from the field, there is a rotational village, where all conditions have been created for the living and recreation of employees working in shifts. Caring for them is an item of the management and trade union’s agenda. And this, as noted earlier, stimulates the Bagaja gas workers to work fruitfully. In conclusion, it should be added that they make every effort to fulfil the ten-year plan ahead of schedule.

Mammetgylych KUTIYEV.

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