Ahmet Jumayev – Acting Head of the Ahal geophysical expedition of the Turkmengeologiya State Concern

16:01 02.04.2022 2623


The delegates of the International Forum on Attracting Foreign Investments in the Oil and Gas Industry of Turkmenistan told our readers about the topical subjects discussed at it.

Ahmet Jumayev, Acting Head of the Ahal geophysical expedition of the Turkmengeologiya State Corporation:

“The international oil and gas forum OGT-2022 was an important step in the implementation of large-scale tasks set before the domestic fuel and energy complex during the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State. First of all, this is evidenced by the goals of the Forum – strengthening the dialogue on the further sustainable development of the energy sector and expanding the opportunities for attracting direct foreign investments in the domestic fuel and energy complex.

“The format of this event, held not only in the traditional format, but also broadcast from the Turkmen capital online to dozens of countries around the world, made it possible to consider topical issues in the widest range and with the participation of authoritative international organizations, industry structures, experts and major “players” of the oil and gas business.

“The solid composition of the Forum participants vividly demonstrated the growing investment attractiveness of our Motherland for the world business circles. Today, there is great interest in partnership with Turkmenistan and the reason for this is the colossal energy potential of our country, taking one of the leading positions in the world in terms of hydrocarbon resources, and the constructive initiatives of the Turkmen party to ensure global energy security.

“The most important task facing the Turkmengeologiya State Corporation today is to increase the volume of natural gas production by increasing new oil and gas fields and their development. In this regard, the workshops and meetings held on the side-lines of the Forum were very useful, which made it possible to discuss the possibilities of new technologies and scientific research in the exploration activities currently carried out by the Turkmengeologiya State Corporation to increase the production potential of the oil and gas complex, to discover and develop new fields.

“We are grateful to our esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the high appreciation of our work. In his Address to the Forum participants, the head of state noted that ‘due to the activity of the Turkmen oil and gas workers and geologists, large-scale work is underway to explore, search and discover hydrocarbon deposits and to use modern technologies for deep drilling and well construction, and in accordance with the advanced achievements of science, capacities for the manufacture of new products are created.’ This assessment inspires us to new labor achievements.”

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