Gasoline, liquefied gas, propylene and other products of the fuel and energy complex were sold at the auction

16:58 13.04.2022 8953

 63 transactions were registered at the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan last week.

 Businessmen from the United Arab Emirates and Turkey purchased gasoline produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries for foreign currency.  Liquefied gas produced at the Seydi oil refinery, as well as the state concerns «Turkmengas» and «Turkmenchemistry» became the subject of transactions of entrepreneurs from Turkey, Bulgaria, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

 Also, plain-dyed and jacquard terry products, cotton yarn, which were purchased by representatives of business circles from Russia, were sold for foreign currency.

 The total amount of transactions amounted to more than 24 million 304 thousand US dollars.

 For the local market, domestic businessmen purchased polypropylene, granulate and agglomerate of polypropylene film, calcined petroleum coke, substandard polypropylene «Turkmenaglomerat» (produced by TCOR), high-density polyethylene (SC «Turkmenchemistry»), as well as handmade carpets.  The total amount of transactions exceeded 45 million 547 thousand manats.

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