The President of Turkmenistan visited the Galkynysh gas field

17:23 20.01.2023 665

 Last Thursday, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov made a working trip to the Mary region, during which he visited the largest gas field Galkynysh, where he got acquainted with the progress of its industrial development, TDH reports.

 Having taken off from the capital, the plane of the head of state landed at the International Airport of the city of Mary, from where the President departed by helicopter towards the largest gas field “Galkynysh”, which has impressive reserves of natural gas.

 The helicopter of the head of state landed at the site near the Galkynysh field.  Serdar Berdimuhamedov inquired about the work being done here, the introduction of modern innovative methods into the structures of the processing industry.

 The head of the State Concern «Turkmengas» B. Amanov, having presented the relevant diagrams and drawings, reported on the state of affairs at the Galkynyş gas field, the capacity of production facilities, the stages of well construction, the development and development of new wells.

 In this regard, it was noted that the necessary efforts are being made to successfully implement the tasks of providing domestic consumers with natural gas in full and increasing the export potential of the industry.

 The head of state emphasized that great importance is attached to the industrial development of the Galkynysh gas field, its discovery has strengthened the status of Turkmenistan as an energy power in the world and opened up new opportunities for expanding productive ties with foreign partners.

 After reviewing the state of affairs at this important facility and emphasizing the importance of strengthening the raw material base of the industry, discovering and industrial development of new deposits in various parts of our country, the head of state ordered to continue work in this direction.

As part of the industrial development of the Galkynysh gas field, the State Concern «Turkmengas», together with foreign partners, built a number of infrastructure facilities.  It is important that at this field all technological processes associated with the extraction, processing and transportation of "blue fuel" are automated.  Special equipment ensures reliable operation of the plants and their environmental safety.

 Noting that large-scale work is underway in our country to switch to a digital system, to modernize and innovatively develop the national economic complex, the head of state stressed the need to create high-tech industrial production and a responsible approach to fulfilling the tasks set.

 The President also focused on the need to provide natural gas in full to domestic consumers and increase the country's export potential, giving specific instructions to the relevant leaders.

 Noting that every effort should be made to increase the pace of work in the fuel and energy complex of the country and to successfully fulfill the tasks facing the industry, Serdar Berdimuhamedov wished those present great success in the ongoing work.  Having completed his working trip to the Mary region and having arrived at the Mary International Airport, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov left for the capital.

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