Gas Workers of the Göroglyetrapgaz Gas Supply Organization Ensure an Uninterrupted Supply of “Blue Fuel” in the Winter Period
During the current winter days, gas workers of the Göroglyetrapgaz Gas Supply Organization of the Daşoguzgazüpjünçilik Directorate are working effectively to provide the population and enterprises located in the etrap with valuable “blue fuel” without interruptions. According to the head of the G As A. Velniyazov emphasized, that was a great merit of the gas workers of the organization such as repairmen Hudayberdi Hanov, Arslan Dadebayev, Hayitgeldy Atayev and Myrat Chariyev and electric and gas welders Serdar Archayev and Begench Hekimov, who were making efforts for the uninterrupted sup

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