Turkish Rönesans is interested in participating in the second project of a plant for the production of gasoline from gas in Turkmenistan

22:18 01.02.2023 2722


 Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri, one of the companies of the Turkish Rönesans Holding group, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the project of a second plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas in the Akhal region of Turkmenistan.  This was reported by the Turkish news agency Bloomberg HT.

 Rönesans Holding discussed preliminary agreements for the implementation of the project in Central Asia at the 14th Turkmen-Japanese Economic Conference, held in Tokyo on December 22 last year.  The event was led by the Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs Rashid Meredov and Managing Director of Itochu Corporation Hiroyuki Tsubai.  It was attended by representatives of the Turkmen government, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Japan and representatives of Turkish and Japanese companies implementing projects in the region.

 Along with Rönesans, the Memorandum of Understanding on the project of the second plant was signed by the State Concern «Turkmenchemistry», Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Itochu Cooperation.

 The first plant for the production of synthetic gasoline from natural gas was built in Ovadandepe, Akhal region, under a contract between the State Concern «Turkmengas» and a consortium of the Japanese company Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Turkish construction holding Rönesans worth $1.7 billion.  The modern industrial complex was put into operation in June 2019.

 The $1.7 billion plant is designed to process 1.785 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually and produce 600,000 tons of EURO-5 compliant ECO-93 gasoline and 100,000 tons of liquefied gas.

 This complex is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as «The world's first plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas».

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