The Unique Hindu Kush Hydroelectric Power Station Is 110 Years Old!
26.01.24 - 13:13

The ancient Murghap River has been supplying water to the inhabitants of the Murghap Valley for centuries. Three dams, Soltan, Yoloten, and other water structures, built on the river bed in 1890 and 1895, were of great importance in the development of agriculture in the region and the improvement of the living standards of the population.

26.01.24 - 10:09

In Turkmenistan, the issues of the gasification of settlements, production facilities and cultural and public facilities and the uninterrupted supply of domestic consumers with natural gas are under the close attention of the head of state, thanks to which “blue fuel” reliably warms the homes of Turkmen citizens.

The TCOR Has Established Shipment and Delivery of Products without Losses
16.01.24 - 15:33

The Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries of the Türkmennebit State Concern, which has advanced technologies and powerful production facilities, successfully copes with the production and sale of oil and petrochemical products that fully comply with high quality standards.

10.01.24 - 12:49

Employees of the 5th Specialized Construction and Installation Directorate of the Türkmengündogarnebitgurluşyk Construction and Installation Trust are actively involved in the construction of new production facilities of the oil and gas complex, which plays an important role in the dynamic socioeconomic development of the country, and in the reconstruction of operating ones.

Gas Workers of the Göroglyetrapgaz Gas Supply Organization Ensure an Uninterrupted Supply of “Blue Fuel” in the Winter Period
12.01.24 - 10:19

During the current winter days, gas workers of the Göroglyetrapgaz Gas Supply Organization of the Daşoguzgazüpjünçilik Directorate are working effectively to provide the population and enterprises located in the etrap with valuable “blue fuel” without interruptions.

Gas workers of the Türkmengaz State Concern Meet the New Year 2024 with High Labor Achievements
11.01.24 - 14:10

Gas workers of the Türkmengaz State Concern successfully completed 2023 in all production indicators, which passed under the motto “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, and met the new year 2024, which started under the motto “The Ocean of Wisdom Magtymguly Pyragy” with high labor achievements.

The Next Batch of New Machinery Received by the Nebitgazçykaryş Trust of the Türkmennebit State Concern
09.01.24 - 14:31

In accordance with the Program of the development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period until 2030, the Türkmennebit State Concern, which is the country’s leading producer of “black gold”, carries out on a wide scale geological exploration, drilling work and major repairs of wells. In this regard, high-performance machinery, purchased thanks to the support of the respected President, Hero of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, is a great help for the efficient activities of oil workers and their achievement of new production heights.

The Lebapgazçykaryş Directorate Fulfills the Annual Plan for Eleven Months
27.12.23 - 14:49

The united team of the Lebapgazçykaryş Directorate of the Türkmengaz State Concern successfully fulfilled the planned obligations of the year “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar” more than a month ahead of schedule. Berdy Berdymetov, Head of the Central Production and Dispatch Department of the Lebapgazçykaryş Directorate, told the editorial board about this.

Drillers of the Lebapnebitgazgözleg Expedition Are Successfully Drilling New Deep Wells
20.12.23 - 13:05

Workers of the Lebapnebitgazgözleg Expedition of the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation take an active part in the work to increase the economic potential of the Motherland. In the year “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, they continue to successfully achieve their goals and are rapidly moving to new heights.

Gas Workers of the Daşoguzşähergaz Gas Supply Organization Are Ready for the Winter Season
08.12.23 - 16:40

Workers and specialists of gas supply organizations of the Daşoguzgazüpjünçilik Directorate continue to carry out work for the autumn-winter season at a high organizational level. In this regard, the work of the gas workers of the Daşoguzşähergaz Gas Supply Organization, located in the velayat center, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of natural gas to the population, organizations and enterprises of the city should be especially noted.

Another Well Has Been Put into Operation at the Galkynysh Field
08.12.23 - 10:50

Another gas well has been put into operation at the Galkynyş gas field, which is one of the largest natural gas deposits in the world. Thus, the number of productive gas wells at plant No. 1 for purifying gas from sulfur at the giant field has reached thirty. Work on the construction of the wellhead of gas well No. 238 was carried out by builders of the 3rd specialized installation organization of the directorate of the Türkmenýöritenebitgazgurnama Trust as a general contractor by order of the Marygazçykaryş Directorate of the Türkmengaz State Concern.

The Hard Work of Masters of Their Craft Is Repaid a Hundredfold
29.11.23 - 09:32

“Staying in the beautiful capital of our country and meeting with leading colleagues brought me vivid and indelible impressions. And when I was presented with a state decoration at the award ceremony in a solemn atmosphere, I experienced a feeling of immense joy. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I expressed my sincere gratitude to our esteemed President, showing tireless care for those who work for the prosperity of our homeland,” Hudayberen Allamuradov says, touchingly recalling the significant and exciting events.

Oil and Gas Industry Workers Worthily Celebrate Their Professional Holiday
23.11.23 - 19:50

Over the years of independence, new industrial sectors have appeared in the economy of Turkmenistan. The introduction of advanced technologies into production contributed to an increase in the volume of export-oriented goods produced. Such advanced production facilities include a complex of enterprises for the production of liquefied gas at the Naýip gas field in the eastern region of the country.

New Successes at the Uzynada Site Are the Result of United Work and Consolidation of Efforts
22.11.23 - 18:08

The “black gold” and “blue fuel” drilling exploration teams of the Nebitgazburawlaýyş Trust of the Türkmennebit State Concern are celebrating the 28th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of our Motherland and the Day of Workers of the Oil and Gas Industry and Geology with worthy labor successes.

Gas workers of the Daşoguzgazakdyryş Directorate Successfully Fulfill Their Planned Obligations
23.11.23 - 19:49

Gas workers of the Daşoguzgazakdyryş Directorate successfully completed the corresponding period of the current year, fulfilling the planned obligations for the uninterrupted supply of “blue fuel” to the population, institutions and enterprises of the velayat. The team of the Directorate also does an excellent job of organizing the uninterrupted transportation of natural gas, exported to foreign markets, via the Döwletabat-Derýalyk gas pipeline. The work they are currently doing is evidence of the gas workers’ well-coordinated and organized activities.