Development of the program of fight against corruption and bribery was discussed at the meeting in Majlis of Turkmenistan

The questions connected with preparation of the Program of fight

against corruption and bribery discussed on Sunday at the

meeting in Majlis of Turkmenistan in which deputies of national

parliament, vice-chairmen of the government, the secretary of the

State Council of safety, the Minister of Defence Yaylym Berdiyev,

heads of regions and Ashgabat took part.  

At the meeting the tasks set by the President Gurbanguly

Berdimuhamedov at the country cabinet meeting which took place

on May 12 concerning fight against corruption and bribery were

considered. Participants of the meeting discussed a package of

measures, directed to eradication of these phenomena.

In the context of development of the anti-corruption program

value of the law of Turkmenistan "About Public service" was

emphasized, there its legal and organizational basis, conditions

and an order of implementation of the right to public service by

citizens of Turkmenistan were determined.

During the meeting ways of enhancement of the legislation in the

field of fight against corruption and bribery which manifestations

were especially inadmissible in the law-enforcement sphere were


Having charged to the State Council of safety together with Majlis

in short terms to develop the Program of fight against corruption

and bribery, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized that

elimination in the society of the reasons and conditions of

emergence of corruption had to become its main goal.

The head of the state expressed opinion that it was necessary to

review anew the relevant laws and to strengthen punishment for

bribery and corruption. In particular, on belief of the President,

would be correct to provide in the relevant laws cancellation of

oblivion for the persons which were taking part in bribery.

According to the President, bribery and corruption extremely

negatively influence all aspects of life of society, beginning from

economy and finishing morals, result government institutions and

society in negative results, slow down growth of economy.

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